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Case Study:

Verify Technologies Business Automation Portals (Currrent Project 2016)

My Role: UI designer & Reverse Engineer
Project Scope
Old User Interface

The UI of the current Verify Technologies suite of portals (right) is an attempt by the client to reproduce (not very efffectively) a set of designs that I had produced previously. The results have been both inconsistant and unintuitive and this latest project aims to address these issues.


However, due to the vast amount or work undertaken to connect the front end mark-up to the back end code, the project scope is quite restrictive and any new HTML has to conform to tight restrictions.

In order to achieve the complete implimentation of my new redesigns, I have had to be imaginative and flexible with the designs and also sympathetic to the restrictions placed on the developer who is assisting me with the project.

Displayed is part of the old Deliveries module for the Verify Sales Portal along with my redesigns.

New User Interface
Full Navigation Bar GUI Specification
Two Tier Hierarchy Grids.

Due to the fact that the old HTML did not allow for nested grids (a grid within a grid), I had to improvise and attempt to unite the two grids through graphical devices (see below).

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