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Flowcharts & Wireframes.

System Flowchart (site map).

Once the objectives and requirements of a system are fully understood, the process of designing the framework of the software begins.


This framework must account for both  the overall structure and hierarchy as well as process flows inherent in the system. The framework will find expression in both site map and process flowcharts.

Wireframing is the architecture of on-screen information components that aim to to produce designs which withstand the tests of both logic and usability.


Properly versioned wireframes ulimately act to frame the tasks for developers and graphic designers in the execution of their project.

Wireframe (storyboard)
Process Flowchart
These kinds of illustrations are a simplified process flow which is much more visual and is generally aimed at non-technical stakeholders.
In both cases, such flowcharts were presented to senior management at Nestle UK headquarters in York (right) and Diadgio management at James' Gate (below).
Explaining Plans to Business People
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