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Case Study:

Verify Technologies Website (2015)

 My Role: UI Design, Video Direction, Scripting + Animation Storyboards,  Animated & Single Frame Diagrams & Photography


Storyboards for Character Animation
Project Scope

The revamped Verify website was going to feature case study videos, extensive animations and highly visual diagrams to explain the company's software offerings. The requirements were for a highly visual message delivered through any number of different kinds of media including, video, animation, diagrams (still and animated) and photography.

Undertaking the project I became responsible for producing, scripting, directing and in addition, the project management of up to five other contributers (cameraman, animators, sound and video screen capture).

Additionally, I created a library of photographs that were taken during the video shoots.


Two different types of storyboards were employed in order to execute the project. The promotional animation storybords (above) when married with a scripts, provided the animators with a comprehensive guide to the storyline and sequences of actions.

The sequences of animated diagam storyboards (below) were composed of final artwork ready to be used by the animators for the finished one minute animation.


Storyboarding Animated Diagrams
A section of the storyboard that illusrates how Verify's various portals coordinate to create an efficient operation. (duration 1 min)
Maketing Visuals & Diagrams
Final Primary Promotional Animation
Sales Portal Animation
Steripack Case Study
Quality Portal Animation
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